All tickets must be purchased directly from Hollybush Campsite – call Barbara on 01497 847131, or email

Advance ticket prices for adults are as follows:

Full weekend (early bird) – SOLD OUT – £30
Full weekend – £35

Friday only – £15.00
Saturday only –£15.00
Sunday only –£15.00

ALL KIDS (UP TO AGE 16) HAVE FREE ENTRY! If your 15yr old is ‘lucky’ enough to look 18, then please bring some form of ID so we know you’re not trying to blag us…it’s hard enough for us to break even on this as it is! They will however still have to pay for camping at the normal Hollybush rates, see below.

These ticket prices do NOT include camping or accommodation, which will need to be paid for separately with Hollybush Campsite when you book – please check their website for current ratesObviously different rates will apply for tents / tipis / caravans etc so it’s impractical to offer ticket options that cover all of these possibilities!

Please also note that if you purchase any kind of ticket you will also be expected to pay for camping for the appropriate length of time. Due to the nature of the site, and the early start and late finish (midday till 2am), it is impractical to offer ‘gig only’ tickets. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. The only exception to this will be if you are staying in B & B or other accommodation offsite. In this eventuality you will be presented with a special ticket upon arrival, and will be refunded 50% of your camping cost when you leave and return your ticket.